Friday, September 1, 2017

The Gift of Labor

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This is the weekend to celebrate the gift of Labor and all those who have been supported by the labor unions and their initiatives for so many years. As you may know, in 1891, Pope Leo XIII wrote an encyclical on the value and importance of labor. He was particularly concerned with the inequities faced by those working in new found factories, particularly women and children. This encyclical, commonly thought to be the Magna Carta of Human Social Order, is the prototype of Catholic Social Teaching for the last 130 years. The encyclical beautifully proclaimed that people have the right to productive work, decent and fair wages, safe working conditions, to organize, to private property, to economic initiative. 

As one of the principals of Catholic Social Teaching, the Dignity of Work and Rights of Workers, is a very important aspect of our Catholic social tradition. So on this Labor Day weekend, we are cognizant of those who support and raise up the importance of these principals for all people in our country.

At Catholic Charities we are blessed because we see our work as also as our ministry. We take great pride in doing what we do as a way of serving others and yet the work aspect allows us to pay the bills, put food on the table and provide homes for ourselves and our families. I truly believe we are blessed to have jobs that are our ministry and a ministry that is our job. For me it’s never a job – it is a chance to serve and help those who are most in need. That is why I love this “job” so much!

Enjoy your weekend. Thank you for the “Labor of Love” that you provide every day.  May your ministry be blessed as we begin a brand new school year and may those you serve be blessed by the quality of your ministry each and every day.