Friday, August 18, 2017

Looking Forward to Fall

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This past Tuesday, I celebrated mass for the Feast of the Assumption which is one of the holy days of the Catholic Church. We had a nice group at the Hickey Center join us and I was so pleased to see how many people came at the last minute with very short notice. I did mention in my homily that the Feast of the Assumption was not my favorite because, ever since I was a little boy, it reminded me that summer was almost over and that I’d soon be going back to school.

This year I’m looking forward to the fall season for four reasons. In early September, right after Labor Day, I’ve got a trip planned with some very good friends on a cruise which will go from Budapest to Prague on the Danube River. I’m sure it will be great fun. Secondly, we are opening up the Susan Denison Mona Center in Prince George’s
Susan Denison Mona Center set to open this fall
County in late September and after a very long wait, our dental clinic and immigration and pro-bono legal efforts will begin in Temple Hills, MD. It will also house a medical clinic under the leadership of Doctor’s Community Hospital and are we are also looking forward to the Health Equity Center on the second floor which will be managed by the University of Maryland School of Public Health. We are really excited about expanding our reach in Prince George's County. Number three: in partnership with the Catholic University of America we have 10 students beginning their studies towards a Masters in Social Work at Catholic University on August 28th. Each student is receiving a full-scholarship and upon completion of graduation they will dedicate three years to working with Catholic Charities. Their on the ground work in the most impoverished areas in our city will make a lasting impact. Finally, we will be breaking ground very soon for our new Angels Watch shelter for women suffering from domestic abuse. I was thrilled to sign the final construction contracts earlier this week - especially knowing thanks to generous supporters, partners, and government investment we are able to open the building debt-free. Kudos to everyone who has been involved in all of these projects. The Executive Team and the Leadership Team have guided the process from start to finish. Well done! 

So, for the first time in a long time, I’m looking forward to the new school year and I’m excited about all we are doing together for the poor.

Enjoy your weekend.