Friday, January 22, 2016

Press Release from DC Government: Cold Emergency Activated through Weekend

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Posting this important information here from DC Government, who we work closely with to administer many of our low-barrier and emergency hypothermia shelters:

 “Cold Emergency Plan” Activated Throughout the Weekend

WASHINGTON, DC – In response to the Snow Emergency currently in effect in the District of Columbia, The Department of Human Services (DHS) in collaboration with the District of Columbia Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (HSEMA) will keep the Cold Emergency Plan activated through Sunday, January 24, 2016 at 7:00 am. Under a “Cold Emergency Alert” additional services and supports are put in place to protect residents from life-threatening illness and injury associated with severe cold weather. During a Snow Emergency, warming sites are opened for residents in need of meals and a warm, safe place to be due to power failure or other emergency circumstances.

Friday, January 22, 2016—Sunday, January 24, 2016

Key services provided during Cold Emergency Alerts or Snow Emergency include:

Access to Emergency Shelter—Low-barrier, Hypothermia, and Overflow emergency shelters are open during Hypothermia and Cold Alerts.  

Access to Overnight Warming Sites—In order to provide access to a warm and safe facility, designated public buildings, such as recreation centers, may open during the day or overnight. Residents who lose power, and need a meal or a safe, warm place to be due to the Snow Emergency may access one of the Power Outage/Snow Emergency Warming Centers.

In cases where residents choose not to use the traditional low-barrier or hypothermia emergency shelters, these warming sites offer a warm and safe place to spend the night. Individuals may access these sites on their own or by contacting the Shelter Hotline for transportation.

Transportation to Warmth and Safety—Free transportation to an emergency shelter or warming site is provided to anyone experiencing homelessness in the District during a Cold Emergency Alert.  To request transportation to shelter for persons in DC who are experiencing homelessness, contact the toll-free Shelter Hotline: 1.800.535.7252 or 311. Include the time, the address or location of the sighting, and a description of the person’s appearance.

The District activates the Cold Emergency Plan when the temperature and wind chill drop to 15° F or when the temperature, with wind chill, is 20° F and there is an accompanying meteorological event such as snow. DHS, HSEMA and other agencies have determined that the weather as forecast presents a danger, especially to residents who are experiencing homelessness.

The following are low barrier and alert night emergency shelters and Snow Emergency warming site locations:

Cold Emergency Warming Sites
-Sherwood Recreation Center: 640 10th Street, NE (Women only)
-Emery Recreation Center: 5801 Georgia Avenue, NW (Co-ed)
-Guy Mason Recreation Center: 3600 Calvert Street, NW (Men)
-King Greenleaf Recreation Center: 201 N Street, SW (Co-ed)
-Trinidad Recreation Center: 1310 Childress Street, NE (Co-ed)
Hypothermia/Cold Emergency Alert Night Shelters
Hypothermia/Cold Emergency Alert Night Shelters for Women
-New Covenant Baptist Church: 1301 W Street, SE
-Community of Christ Church: 3526 Massachusetts Avenue, NW

Hypothermia/Cold Emergency Alert Night Shelters for Men
-Banneker Recreation Center: 2500 Georgia Avenue, NW
-Raymond Recreation Center: 3725 10th Street, NW
-Kennedy Recreation Center: 1401 7th Street, NW
-Sacred Heart Church: 16th Street and Park Road, NW
-Salvation Army: 3335 Sherman Avenue, NW

Low-Barrier Emergency Shelters
Low-barrier Emergency Shelters for Women
- Harriet Tubman Shelter:  DC General Building 9, 1900 Massachusetts Avenue, SE
- John Young Shelter:  117 D Street, NW
- Nativity Shelter: 6010 Georgia Avenue, NW
- Open Door Shelter:  425 2nd Street, NW  (at E Street)

Low-barrier Emergency Shelters for Men
- 801 East Shelter:  801 Making Life Better Lane, SE
- Adams Place Shelter:  2210 Adams Place, NE 
- New York Avenue Shelter:  1355-57 New York Avenue, NE

Power Outage/Snow Emergency Warming Centers
- Columbia Heights Recreation Center: 1480 Girard Street, NW
- Volta Park Recreation Center: 1555 34th Street, NW
- Chevy Chase Recreation Center: 4001 Livingston Street, NW
- Riggs LaSalle Recreation Center: 501 Riggs Road, NE
-Turkey Thicket Recreation Center: 1100 Michigan Avenue, NE
-Rosedale Recreation Center: 500 19th Street, NE

-Bald Eagle Recreation Center: 186 Joliet Street, SW

Thursday, January 7, 2016

After 25 years, SHARE has a new home!

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After more than 25 years, the SHARE Food Network has moved into a new warehouse.

“Wait, what happened?” you might be asking? “Didn’t I just go to the usual warehouse at the end of December,” you might also ask.

Yes. Our incredible team wrapped up the monthly December distribution of more than 9,000 healthy holiday hams and food packages at affordable prices, and then immediately started packing. In just four days, we moved out almost our entire warehouse, with four full bays of food, forklifts, storage shelves, and lots of other stuff!

But fear not, SHARE family, for our new and improved home is very close by!

And, more important, there’s a long list of improvements that our hardy and hearty SHARE veterans will appreciate, including:

  • Indoor heating and air conditioning!
  • Energy-efficient – helps us save on our bills!
  • A well-lit and paved parking lot – with much more space!
  • Better equipped for our differently-abled SHARE volunteers and customers!
  • A newer facility that will require less repairs!
We know many long-time SHARE volunteers take a certain amount of pride in toughing out the cold early mornings to deliver affordable food packages to families all across our region. But we hope you’ll enjoy the warmer and more spacious new digs anyway.

If you are a newbie to the SHARE Food Network, it sells affordable and healthy food packages to thousands of customers each year, usually at about half the cost of those same groceries in the store. In an area ranked as the most expensive in America to raise a family, the SHARE Food Network is a key part of helping families get by.

And the best news is – SHARE is open to everyone! Because we purchase food in bulk from the same wholesalers who sell to major grocery stores, the more we can order, the more we can save money for each other. It takes hundreds of volunteers every year to help it work, but we’ve been doing this for a long time now, so we’re getting pretty good at saving money and feeding families.
So why not order a package or two and use the new warehouse as an excuse to get to know SHARE?