Monday, December 19, 2016

12 Days of Hope: A new job just in time for Christmas!

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When Liz lost her job last year, she thought as a high school graduate and a hard-worker she would bounce back and find employment quickly. But as the weeks of unemployment turned into months, Liz continued to apply for jobs without any success. Her son Alonso, 20, worked part-time to help but he was also seeking full-time employment to help him save money to follow his dream of going to college.  

It was through a friend of a friend Liz heard about Catholic Charities Spanish Catholic Center Employment Services. It seemed like she had tried everything and so she hoped this time would be different. “They started helping me right away and they told me to stay focused, that they would help me and Alonso find good jobs.”
Liz and Alonso celebrate
their recent employment!

While the employment services team worked on connecting Liz and Alonso to employment, the mother and son also found much needed help through the other services provided at the center. Liz said it was blessing to be able to come to the center and receive food, toiletries and SmarTrip cards while she continued to search for work. It can be embarrassing to ask for help, Liz said, but they appreciated all the help they got.

Just in time for the upcoming holidays, the employment team connected Liz and Alonso to jobs at Ronald Reagan International Airport, stocking inventory for the airlines. “I was patient, persistent and I just kept on praying,” said Liz. Alonso hopes this income will help him save up enough money for college and Liz is thankful to be able to provide for her and her son again. 

After more than a year without a steady income, this job has also brought Liz and Alonso a Christmas miracle: their first paycheck will come the day before Christmas Eve. 

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