Saturday, December 24, 2016

12 Days of Hope: Breaking free from an abusive relationship

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When you first meet Zanetta her confidence and self-assuredness pulls you in. It’s shocking to then hear her speak of a time when she felt powerless, scared, and alone. Zanetta was in an abusive relationship for several years. She feared for her life. But like many men and women in toxic relationships, Zanetta felt trapped.

Then she had as she calls it a ‘light bulb moment’ when she decided enough was enough.  She’ll tell you it wasn’t easy to walk away but she slowly started to re-build the strength to be on her own and thrive. Leaving the relationship was like starting from scratch so Zanetta turned to Catholic Charities for help on many things, from legal advice to transitional housing while she searched for employment. 

Instead of having to go from organization to organization for difference services, Zanetta was able to get comprehensive help at Catholic Charities and be able to fully focus on herself. We'd tell you how it paid off but let Zanetta show you herself: