Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Letter from a Grateful Mom and Her Healthy Newborn

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Our Sanctuaries for Life program helps low-income mothers through the pregnancy and birth of their baby by providing medical referrals, baby supplies, and emotional support.  Lillian, an immigrant from Nigeria, was facing a high risk pregnancy and the compounding hospital bills left her and her baby in a life-threatening situation. Our Sanctuaries for Life program connected her with a hospital and doctors who were able to help her deliver a healthy baby boy. Mom and baby, David, are doing great and Lillian was so thankful for Sanctuaries for Life she wrote this moving letter:

I am 32 years of age and was born with Sickle Cell disease.

Baby David is healthy and happy!
With great joy in my heart I sincerely appreciate God Almighty who made me a proud mother. God delivered me and made my dream come true through Sanctuaries for Life program. My coming to America was sudden and when I got here it was a big challenge because of the high risk of my health and pregnancy, hospital procedures and bills was also another challenge. When I got here I approached a physician but was turned down by his team because my pregnancy was already 32 weeks old and I was of high risk. This made me almost depressed. A friend directed me to call Sanctuaries for Life for assistance and as God may have it I was directed to see Jessica* and after the interactive session with her, she considered the high risk that was involved with my pregnancy and decide to enroll me for the program, an appointment was set up for another interview session and immediately after that an appointment was secured for me to see a doctor at Holy Cross Hospital.

At 37 weeks of my pregnancy I took ill and a lot of complications arose but I thank God that the Sanctuaries for Life team sent me to the best hospital that was able to handle my case. Different doctors from different departments worked collectively to ensure my safe delivery. The height of the challenges came to the point of delivering. My baby made several attempts but his heartbeat was drastically dropping so the doctors quickly decided to carry out a C-Section and in less than 20 minutes I had my baby, David.

The program Sanctuaries for Life did not only save my life but also saved my baby and I know a lot of other lives must have been saved also. I pray that God blesses me so that I can have an extension of Sanctuaries of Life back home in my country Nigeria to assist high risk pregnancy women too.

May God bless the Sanctuaries for Life team and all that is contributing to this program in one way or another. 

*Name has been changed