Monday, June 13, 2016

Our counseling services are now available to everyone!

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We are excited to announce our newest service to the community: Anchor Counseling Services. Recognizing the need for more professional counseling for all, Catholic Charities Behavioral Health Services team are now accepting appointments to provide counseling to all members of the community.

What’s the difference, you might ask? Our Behavioral Health Services (known as Anchor Mental Health for many decades) operates solely as a “Core Services Agency” to treat District residents who struggle with mental illness and are low-income. A Core Services Agency is a designated program that works closely to handle referrals and provide wrap-around services from counseling to medication management to job training to independent living support and more.

That’s a highly-specialized service that not everyone needs – but many people would like counseling to deal with stress, grief, depression or substance abuse, even if they have a job and a stable home and income.

That’s why we started Anchor Counseling Services.

“Early on, our patients have varied widely,” Wilhelmina Swenholt said, the Senior Clinical Manager for Catholic Charities Behavioral Health Services. “We see everyone from young people starting out in their careers and dealing with setbacks to older adults who have a history of depression they’ve never really dealt with.”

Patients are encouraged to sign-up initially for a 45 minute session with ACS’ professional licensed counselors to determine the best course of action forward. Most forms of insurance are accepted.  

“If we have members of the community take advantage of this service, I think it could be very helpful,” said Swenholt. “I know the demand is already high – many similar agencies to us have a year-long wait list for new clients.”

If you or someone you know is interested in setting up an appointment, please visit the Anchor Counseling Services webpage for more information.