Thursday, January 7, 2016

After 25 years, SHARE has a new home!

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After more than 25 years, the SHARE Food Network has moved into a new warehouse.

“Wait, what happened?” you might be asking? “Didn’t I just go to the usual warehouse at the end of December,” you might also ask.

Yes. Our incredible team wrapped up the monthly December distribution of more than 9,000 healthy holiday hams and food packages at affordable prices, and then immediately started packing. In just four days, we moved out almost our entire warehouse, with four full bays of food, forklifts, storage shelves, and lots of other stuff!

But fear not, SHARE family, for our new and improved home is very close by!

And, more important, there’s a long list of improvements that our hardy and hearty SHARE veterans will appreciate, including:

  • Indoor heating and air conditioning!
  • Energy-efficient – helps us save on our bills!
  • A well-lit and paved parking lot – with much more space!
  • Better equipped for our differently-abled SHARE volunteers and customers!
  • A newer facility that will require less repairs!
We know many long-time SHARE volunteers take a certain amount of pride in toughing out the cold early mornings to deliver affordable food packages to families all across our region. But we hope you’ll enjoy the warmer and more spacious new digs anyway.

If you are a newbie to the SHARE Food Network, it sells affordable and healthy food packages to thousands of customers each year, usually at about half the cost of those same groceries in the store. In an area ranked as the most expensive in America to raise a family, the SHARE Food Network is a key part of helping families get by.

And the best news is – SHARE is open to everyone! Because we purchase food in bulk from the same wholesalers who sell to major grocery stores, the more we can order, the more we can save money for each other. It takes hundreds of volunteers every year to help it work, but we’ve been doing this for a long time now, so we’re getting pretty good at saving money and feeding families.
So why not order a package or two and use the new warehouse as an excuse to get to know SHARE?