Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What happens for the people we serve on Christmas?

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For many of the employees working at Catholic Charities, Christmas is going to be a day away from work and the chance to spend time with family and friends. But not all of our programs and services can take even one day off. Several of our programs will be open, either hosting a Christmas for clients or serving on-call to respond to any emergencies.

Big thanks to our staff who work and make themselves available for our clients. Let's say a special prayer of thanks today for those volunteering or working in these programs:

Our Low-Barrier Shelters
Our low-barrier shelters are open 365 days a year. Thankfully, we have some great volunteers who will be coming in to sing, serve food, and share in the community of the day. Some volunteers serve a breakfast, while others serve lunch or dinner. But they bring a special warmth and cheer on this special day.

Our ChAMPS Team
This is a high-specialized team working to respond to crises for children and youth experiencing an emotional or behavioral challenge. Anyone in DC can call them to seek their help and our staff will be waiting to answer the call.

Our ICCP Team

This team works year-round in treating and serving adults with persistent and ongoing mental health challenges out in the community. Their work continues on Christmas as staff are available on-call to respond to emergencies or be available to their clients, many of whom are some of the most disengaged in our community.

Group Homes
We run several homes providing supported living for adults living with a developmental or intellectual disability, with full-time staff support available to respond to any emergencies and provide companionship.