Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mt. Carmel House gets a makeover!

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Early on the morning of Saturday, April 4, the corridors of Mt. Carmel House were quiet. Every room was empty. But all of that was about to change. On this blustery spring morning, more than 100 volunteers were about to transform each room, wall and hallway at Mount Carmel House.

Nestled in downtown DC, Mount Carmel House is a permanent supportive housing program for up to 21 women who are homeless. Here, they are able to gain their footing in a safe environment while working toward living on their own once again. An apartment-style housing program, each woman has her own bedroom and shares common areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, and a job center. Some women stay for a few months, some stay for years. Either way, for now, this is home.

And that’s why My Girlfriend’s House, Inc., a nonprofit that mentors and empowers at-risk girls, initiated a service project at Mount Carmel House – a Makeover Party to spruce up the living spaces the residents call home.

"Having these volunteers come in and do something special shows the women of Mt. Carmel House that they are valued," said Mt. Carmel House Senior Program Manager Lorraine Lynch. "It really lifts their spirits when they know people are thinking about them."

After residents left Mount Carmel House for the morning, the volunteers got to work, loading in decorations, paint and new furniture for each apartment-style unit. Working in teams, the volunteers were tasked with reinventing each room, making it ‘homier’. With creativity, hard work and a few tools, volunteers made sure that every room in Mt. Carmel House had a punch of personality.

“Our volunteers took extra care in paying attention to detail and making sure each room got the love it deserved,” My Girlfriend’s House Executive Director Veronica Euyenga said as she pointed out inspirational quotes on the wall, decorative frames, and splashes of color. 

See some of the before and after shots here:

After the finishing touches were added to each nook and cranny of Mount Carmel House, residents took a tour of their freshly updated home. When their new rooms were revealed, the woman were grateful the volunteers had spent some much time and effort making Mt. Carmel House beautiful.

“I’m so happy with my new apartment, I can’t believe they were able to transform it in a single day,” one resident said.  “It’s so pretty – and it looks like a completely different room!”

The women of Mount Carmel House have a fresh new outlook thanks to the My Girlfriend’s House volunteers!