Friday, March 13, 2015

Report from the Field: Before the sun is up, breakfast served to those working hard

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Despite the recent warm weather and pending start of Spring, it was cold at 6:15 am on Friday, March 13, 2015.

Yet, there stood a group of Catholic Charities volunteers and staff, ready for the very first ever St. Maria’s Meals Breakfast Service, blue aprons on, two tents set up and hot food steaming.

You may remember St. Maria’s Meals, our beautiful new food truck we received this winter. Thanks to our new found mobility, we've been able to expand our dinner services on Wednesdays and will now be serving a hot breakfast every Friday morning at 645 University Blvd., E, Silver Spring, MD. 

It’s a parking lot where many workers gather early each day to try and find some daily manual labor.
This morning, the menu included French toast sticks, muffins, fruit cups, coffee and hot chocolate. We had more than 100 men and women come through for a free breakfast.

One gentleman spoke with one of our staff and shared that the church had helped him when he was homeless and an alcoholic. A caseworker helped him to get housing and help. He also shared feeling blessed because he was very hungry that morning and the breakfast hit the spot.

VIDEO: Father John talks about the morning: 

VOLUNTEER: St. Maria's Meals food truck will be at this Silver Spring location every week, which means we'll need early-rising volunteers to help distribute breakfasts on Friday mornings! If you or your group is interested in this service activity, please visit our volunteer webpage here.