Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The JOBS Program sends its first class out into the working world!

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We couldn't be more proud to share that our first class of the JOBS Program (Jobs and Other Basic Skills) has graduated. We started small and focused - with nine gentlemen. Today, we held a simple graduation ceremony attended by family, case managers from the shelters many of the men stay at and more.

As Father John said, "There aren't many firsts in life. But you get to be the first for our JOBS program. You are very important to us. I need each of you to go out and be successful, to start your new careers, and open the door for even more people. I am so proud."

Seven of the nine members of the JOBS program are beginning a new job and the other two are awaiting a final offer.

While we'll have a more detailed post soon, why wait to share some of the great photos:
Among those in the crowd were staff from our low-barrier shelters,
where most of the first class of the JOBS program are currently staying.

Father John addressed the group, commending them on their focus and dedication
to learning a new career.

Seven of the nine graduates are already beginning a new job, and the final two are
waiting on final offers. That's a great start!

Case manager Gary Steele (right) poses with Donald, one of the graduates
whom he worked with at a low-barrier shelter. Donald begins a new job Saturday.