Friday, August 23, 2013

These three credits need no textbook

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Freddie works with a classmate, Carlita, who happens
to be an employee at our Mulumba House,
where Freddie resides!
Last August we introduced you to Freddie Morman, a resident at our Mulumba House, a supportive housing program for men overcoming homelessness and substance abuse issues.

Freddie heads back to school on Monday at The Catholic University of America. It's an important semester.

"I just got all of my textbooks," he said. "I'm taking biology, psychology, Old Testament studies, and an introduction to human services."

There are also a few credits for which Freddie needs no textbook - an internship at Catholic Charities' Transitional Rehabilitation Program (TRP) at 801 East.

"That's the program that saved me," he said. After struggling with drug problems for years, he broke his addiction in the TRP. The addictions counselors were an immense support system and inspiration to him, and he pledged to pay it forward by becoming an addictions counselor himself. 

"At my internship this semester I'll be taking on many of the core functions of a counselor, working under my supervisor, Mr. Kurt Thomas," Freddie said. These duties include conducting orientation for new clients, helping develop their treatment plans, and providing one-on-one counseling. 

"I went through this program, and there is no place I'd rather complete my internship hours. I feel like I owe them that much," Freddie said.

Father John congratulates one of the happy grads
of our ESOL program.
Back-to-school season is in full swing at Catholic Charities. As Freddie begins a new semester at CUA, other clients will begin our job training programs and language classes. Kids and teens with developmental disabilities will hear the familiar school bell in the halls of our Kennedy School. We'll help adults recovering from crisis get help back on their feet through workshops on resume writing, budget building, and parenting skills. Kids from food insecure homes will not fall behind in class with help from our food programs and pantries. We're in back-to-school mode every day, ensuring our neighbors get the resources they need to become truly self-sufficient. 

Please make a Back-to-School Gift to help us do more. You can also leave an encouraging note for Freddie in the comment box below wishing him the best as he takes the next step on his journey. 

Want a "refresher course" on Freddie's journey at Catholic Charities? Here's a look back at our post from August of last year!