Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, Land I Love!

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Old Glory at Reagan National
Guest Post by Msgr. John Enzler
President and CEO, Catholic Charities

I’ve been blessed to travel out of our country on numerous occasions, mostly through group tours I’ve led for various parishes. I’ve visited Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Ireland, England, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, Mexico, Yugoslavia, and India – yet there is no country like ours, and there is no city I love more than Washington, DC. I always return home from my travels freshly conscious of the freedoms we as Americans enjoy thanks to our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, and the democracy these documents represent.

I’m not always in agreement with some of the issues our government supports, and I worry about our country’s protection of life, our commitment to the poor, and our welcome of immigrants. Yet no other country in the world has so much potential for open dialogue and change. The Fourth of July reminds me that while I might not agree with others on certain issues, I live in a land where I have the freedom of press, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. These freedoms allow me to discuss, challenge and even speak out on issues and causes that matter to me. It’s truly a blessing just to be born in the United States.

All that we try to accomplish at Catholic Charities has such potential for success because of where we live, who we are, and the opportunity we have to encourage our leaders to bring about even more service and support to those who need it most. Please say a prayer today for those we serve, who struggle in this great country of ours. Let’s continue to use our freedoms to find ways to help them – this is a responsibility that comes with the many blessings we have as Americans.