Friday, February 15, 2013

Te Amo, I Love You!

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Last night the parents in our ESOL (English as Second or Other Language) program got a big surprise: homemade Valentines from their kids, made from pink paper, glue, and some very heartfelt words. 

Most of the children are bilingual - speaking Spanish at home with their families, and English at school with their friends. Their parents, many of them immigrants, are learning or improving their English at our ESOL course at the Spanish Catholic Center. A half-hour before ESOL begins, adult learners are invited to bring their children for some family time, practicing and improving their English together. 

"It's an effort to integrate literacy among parents and their children," said Kathy Diaz, ESOL Program Coordinator. Then, the parents head to ESOL class while older kids get homework help and little ones engage in learning activities. 

The Valentine-making craft combines a lot of what family literacy is all about: blending cultures, embracing language, and growing closer as a family. Each day, kids would write one reason why they loved their parents on a paper heart, and glue it onto pink craft paper. 

"It was so cute to hear the kids explain why they loved their mommies and daddies," said Kathy. "It was a simple project, but a wonderful way for the kids to show their parents how much they love and appreciate them."

Our ESOL program with its family literacy extension has three cycles annually. Get more information on the ESOL page!

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