Monday, January 7, 2013

The Blood & The Rose: Exclusive Team Interview, Part 1

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“On December 9, 1531, the Blessed Virgin Mary first appeared to Juan Diego, an ordinary man of extraordinary faith…The beautiful miracle of that day is chronicled in this story that begins with Mary’s faith filled yes.”

Come Thursday, January 24, prepare to be inspired. Catholic Charities is teaming up with Renegade Productions to bring you a special screening of The Blood & The Rose, which chronicles the rich history – and lasting power – of the Virgin of Guadalupe. The screening will be held at the Warner Theater and benefits our good work at Catholic Charities!

The event will include commentary from several faith leaders including Father Leo Patalinghug (star of EWTN’s “Savoring our Faith” and author of Spicing Up Married Life) and our very own Father John Enzler!

The Open Door sat down with Timothy J. Watkins and Stephen McEveety, Director and Executive Producer of the film.

Catholic Charities: What compelled you about the story of the Virgin of Guadalupe?

McEveety: I’ve always had an interest in Mesoamerica – the Aztecs, Cortés, the conquest of Mexico. I visited Mexico in 2005 with my family as part of a mission, building houses, and we visited the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. There, I heard the story and I just couldn’t let go of it. There was so much more to the story that I wanted to uncover.

Director Timothy Watkins (above)
and Executive Producer
Stephen McEveety (below)
Watkins: And the story is so much bigger than most people realize. There’s a Guadalupe, Spain too, and built there is a church where Cortés worshiped  where Columbus signed papers to go to America. The historical and religious connections are just incredible. There isn’t a person who doesn’t leave this movie wowed, and inspired. It’s a reminder what so many people are missing in their lives: the joy of serving others, the joy of echoing Mary’s “yes” to God. So many people are lost in self-satisfaction and gratification that they don’t believe the true satisfaction of helping others.

Catholic Charities: So you explore the historical and religious implications. How about science? Many people know about Juan Diego’s tilma, impressed with the image of the Virgin Mary, and there’s been recent articles regarding its miraculous qualities. Does the film delve into this research?

Watkins: Absolutely. Science has actually proven that no human could have created the image on the tilma. One could argue then, that the tilma is the work of God – the word of God, and we ought to listen and follow Christ. I think we all need that reminder.

McEveety: And that's why we're thrilled Catholic Charities is a part of this event. When Our Lady appeared in Mexico, she formed an incredible bond between people and Christ. She brought hearts together in a massive way. I think that’s similar to what Catholic Charities does – bring people together, spread peace and love.

Don’t miss our special screening of The Blood & The Rose at the Warner Theater and stay tuned for Part 2 of our team interview, coming soon to The Open Door blog! Tickets available online - and watch the preview here below: