Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thanks to Redskins and Macy's, Kids are Covered for the Holidays

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Doug Worthington zips one of our kids
into a brand-new coat at Macy's
If you were shopping at the Macy's at Metro Center today, you probably saw an unusual sight: 45 schoolkids in brightly colored, brand-new winter coats marching through the aisles clutching balloons, Smurfs, and Redskins scarves. 

It was all part of the Washington Redskins and Macy's annual "Covered for the Holidays" event that makes sure underserved kids here in the DC metro area received new coats and winter accessories while hanging out with Redskins players like Fred Davis,Doug Worthington, Sav Rocca, Logan Paulsen, Joshua Morgan, and Alfred Morris

When the Skins invited Catholic Charities, our Outreach Team connected with archdiocesan schools and parishes, and the first- and second-graders at St. Anthony's de Padua, located in northeast DC, were able to take advantage of this fun opportunity. Enjoy photos from the event below! 

It's Defensive End Doug Worthington, welcoming our kids to Macy's!
Wide Receiver Josh Morgan signs autographs for excited Skins fans
Cheesing it up with Defensive End Doug Worthington
Punter Sav Rocca helped this young girl choose a new coat in her favorite color 

Father John lends some friendly advice for this week's big game for Running Back Alfred Morris

"That football player [Sav Rocca] told me I look great!"

A wizard with balloons - his flowers included petals, stamen, and pistils

Two friends show off their new coats and Redskins swag
Thank you Macy's and thank you Washington Redskins for helping us keep kids warm this cold winter season. 

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through our Joseph's Coats of Many Colors - open to the public on Sundays, and collecting donations anytime!

Give Toys to kids on our e-Angel Tree - for many of the children, your gift is the only present they'll receive this year because of financial hardships in their families.