Monday, December 17, 2012

Remember the Words Jesus Spoke in Matthew 25:40

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Father John prays together with a client at
a Catholic Charities' emergency shelter.
Guest Post from Father John
President and CEO
Catholic Charities

It seems to be one of life’s ironies, that greatness and humility often go hand-in-hand…at least, most people see it that way.

To me it’s not ironic at all, because I grew up around a truly great, yet very humble man. That man was my father, and he remains one of my heroes to this day.

Dad was the living embodiment of the Gospel of Love. With a firm, gentle hand he set very high standards for us kids, and we all worked hard to live up to them. He helped me understand from a young age that the love of a father is like the love of God. In both, we experience love and compassion for others.

That’s one reason I’m so proud to be a part of Catholic Charities. Each day, I’m blessed to see the same kind of love and caring my father instilled in me. It flows freely among our staff and volunteers, the neighbors we serve, and the generous people like you who support our work.

Yet, as we look around our community, we see such tremendous suffering. Throughout our archdiocese, we see people who don’t know where they will sleep tonight. Or where their next meal will come from. Or how they will find the resources and skills they need to create better lives for their children.

They are our brothers and sisters in Christ, and they need our help.

I ask you: How can we witness their plight and not be reminded of a poor family 2,000 years ago who sought food and shelter on a cold night?

As 2012 winds down, I hope you will consider the needs of our neighbors, and remember the words Jesus spoke in Matthew 25:40: “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”

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