Thursday, October 4, 2012

Judgment-Free Zone for Moms in Need

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Sanctuaries for Life is helping Trinity (not pictured) to have a
healthy delivery for her twins, despite having few resources.
Trinity (client’s name changed to protect privacy) is convinced that God works through Google, because when she went online looking for an abortion clinic, she found instead a world of help and hope for her and her unborn twins.

“Once I came to Catholic Charities, I stopped being nervous,” Trinity said, then laughed. “Well, I’m not nervous about my pregnancy anymore. Of course I’m a little worried about raising twins, right?”

Trinity is a client at Catholic Charities’ Sanctuaries for Life (SFL), a program providing all-around support to pregnant women who are financially strapped, facing a medically risky pregnancy, or abortion vulnerable.

“We do our best to help a woman overcome whatever might hold her back from carrying her baby,” said Ana Menjivar, Prenatal Care Coordinator. “Sanctuaries shows women that they are not alone, and we help with their very real needs – physical, financial, and spiritual.”

Sanctuaries for Life can connect families
with many resources besides the prenatal care
many expectant mothers come for.
Like many clients at SFL, Trinity believed that an abortion was her only choice. Originally from Jamaica, she came to the United States on a work visa, yet she can only find part-time restaurant work to support herself and her two-year-old son, whose father passed away.

So when Trinity suspected she was pregnant, she panicked and went online to find an abortion clinic. Miraculously, her search yielded Birthright of Montgomery County, a prolife agency. There, Trinity received a free pregnancy test and sonogram.

That’s when she discovered she was carrying twins.
“Seeing that sonogram was scary at first. I knew I couldn’t go through with an abortion anymore after seeing my two babies, but I still didn’t know what to do, how I would afford the medical care. So Birthright referred me to Catholic Charities for help.”

Sonograms alone can cost up to $500 each for an uninsured mom-to-be, but our SFL covers the costs of all Trinity’s prenatal care.

Father John visited Sanctuaries for Life to
meet some of the women and their children who have
been helped in the past.
“I’ve been blessed,” said Trinity. “At Sanctuaries no one judges me about my past, or makes me feel like I did something wrong. They only look at my needs and how they can help. I’m glad I found them, even though it was sort of by accident. I guess that’s just how God works.”

Trinity’s due date is at the end of February. A recent sonogram confirmed the sex of one of the twins – a boy. “My son will be so happy to have a little brother.”

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