Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 4: Father John's Food Stamp Challenge Journal

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Senior hunger - it's a huge problem in our community, where many men and women in this vulnerable population face a constant and difficult choice between medication and groceries. It's a choice no one should have to face. 

But there's hope, which Father John hits on today. Recently Catholic Charities' Food Service Program received a two-year government contract to serve nutritious meals to 700-800 elderly DC residents each day. Watch to learn more!

More Catholic Charities!
Catholic Charities' Food Service Program provides meals to schools, community groups, and - more recently - home-bound seniors, all while providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities or mental illnesses. 

Looking for a great way to volunteer in your community, while fighting hunger? Prepare a meal for clients at one of our shelters. Get involved here!