Monday, September 24, 2012

Work Wanted: Husband and wife seek positions in management, administrative assistance

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Work Wanted is a new feature here at The Open Door where we highlight clients of ours who need employment, including their skills and a little background about them. Our hope is that you might know of a job opening where our clients could apply. Like any other candidate a business might consider for hiring, all potential employers are responsible for vetting and interviewing the candidates to meet qualifications, for which Catholic Charities has no role. We simply wish to introduce you to potential employees. 

Clients’ Names: Paul Connelly and Yuliis Galery

Objective: Paul seeks a full-time management or sales position, where his 10+ years of related experience can build lasting client relationships for a progressive company. Yuliis seeks to commit her 8+ years of acquired skills to an administrative assistant position.

Just like that, your life can change.

Paul and Yuliis have been married for almost three years, and together they are raising Yuliis’ twelve-year-old daughter, Jordan. The family lives in Montgomery County, and until three months ago, they never imagined their resources would run out, their hope lost.

And then Paul was laid off, and the family couldn’t pay their bills.

Worried about their utilities getting cut off, Yuliis turned to Catholic Charities for financial help. We are an organization her own parents had always supported: “I knew they helped families in our situation, and I hoped they’d help us. We have been grateful, so thankful ever since.”

As with many clients at Catholic Charities’ Montgomery County Family Center (MCFC), Yuliis and Paul came through our door for help with their utilities, and found inside a wealth of resources: resume writing assistance and a financial literacy class to help them stretch their budget in their time of crisis. Both seeking employment, they also attend workshops offered by Montgomery Works about job searches, interview tips, and more. “We’re doing everything we can to feel more empowered and competent on the job market,” Paul said.
Paul Connelly – Resume 
With 10+ years of experience, there’s not much in the business world with which Paul hasn’t dealt: sales, merchandising, inventory management, marketing, hiring and training. His previous positions include Department Manager for Harris Teeter, General Manager for Finish Line, and most recently Store Manager/District Trainer for Hudson Trail Outfitters.

“Paul is responsible, articulate, and steady under pressure,” said Tiffany Tan, Program Manager at the MCFC. “He would be a strong fit in retail management or brand development, and he also has a special interest in music production. “

Paul’s resume boasts extensive experience on both sides of a business transaction, whether boosting sales and maintaining clientele on the floor, or forecasting sales and inventory behind the scenes.

And even in the fact of his family’s hardships, Paul is anxious to turn their tough time into a new opportunity. “At the end of the day, I believe everything happens for a reason,” he said. “I’m ready to move on, share those experiences I’ve gained, acquire new ones, and grow.”

Yuliis Galery – Resume
Yuliis is also on the job market with a huge range of administrative skills, not to mention a contagiously positive personality.

Professionally, Yuliis worked in customer service as a sales associate, as well as in the admissions departments at Sanford-Brown Institute and TESST College of Technology. Among coworkers she was recognized for her upbeat attitude, enthusiasm on the job, and especially her organizational skills. Working at Sanford-Brown, Yuliis was the sole person responsible for administrative filing, ensuring that the school stayed in compliance with various codes, maintained its accreditation, and avoided costly fines.

She has an array of computer skills, including Microsoft Office suite. She is also eager to help people, whether in a customer service position or simply in acts of kindness. In fact, even as Yuliis is receiving help from Catholic Charities’ Montgomery County Family Center, she is donating her daughter’s outgrown clothes to the center so that other families can get a little help.

Do you have a job  opportunity that Paul or Yuliis might fill? Please contact us at (202) 772-4346 or email

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