Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What Makes a Great Teacher?

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Andrew Hartman, Schnozz, and one of our Kennedy students
Guest Post from Father John
President and CEO
Catholic Charities
A simple act of kindness on your part can help change someone’s life forever. Think how humbling that can be! This is the knowledge—and the huge responsibility—our Catholic Charities staff and volunteers carry every day. Let me give you just one example:

We offer programs that help children with developmental disabilities. It takes time, dedication, and very special teachers who know how to keep kids excited about learning.

Andrew Hartman is one of them. Andrew uses a technique he calls “Chinchilla Math” to engage and challenge his students.

“Chinchilla math is where my pet chinchilla, Schnozz, comes with me every day to school,” Andrew said. “He sits in the middle of the table and runs from child to child. Whoever he runs to gets the next math problem. It keeps the kids focused and they really love it.”

Schnozz in action in the classroom!
What a simple, yet inspired idea! And it’s the kind of innovative teaching that is only possible because you help.

I see this same love, caring, and dedication in every one of our Catholic Charities programs. Our staff and volunteers tackle major problems in our community every day—hunger, homelessness, domestic violence, and much more.

And in a very real sense, they are all teachers. Because meeting people’s most urgent needs is just the first step. Helping people truly change means teaching them dignity, self-respect, responsibility, and the life-skills they need to regain control of their lives.
It takes people with very special gifts to do this work. I’m deeply thankful to God, and to all those who support our work, that we are blessed with so many of these committed individuals. Every day they help men, women, and children receive the gift of knowledge, so they have the strengths and abilities to move beyond their past and begin life with new hope.

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Catholic Charities has many gifted teachers.  Some teach kids in the classroom.  Others teach life skills to help adults build better futures.  To help reach and teach all who need us, please make a gift here.