Friday, June 8, 2012

Surrounded by love and support, Kennedy School celebrates the class of 2012

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There are only six graduates in the 2012 Catholic Charities’ Kennedy School graduating class, but the room is filled to capacity by family, friends, fellow students and well wishers. For these six students, donning blue and white gowns and those fun square hats with the tassels, the graduation represented an important milestone of hard work and achievement – and a future with opportunity.

The Kennedy School, part of Catholic Charities’ Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Institute, is a school dedicated to young students with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. With smaller class sizes and extra teaching staff, the school meets students where they are.

At the graduation ceremony, held Tuesday June 5 at the Pastoral Center for the Archdiocese of Washington, another factor was clear in the students’ success: support. There was singing, signing and dancing.

The cheering, clapping and festive atmosphere reminded everyone, and especially the students, how much potential these students have to offer when given the right opportunity.

Father John spoke at the end of the ceremony, saying, “I go to many graduations at this time of the year. But this one is special. All of us here, we’re incredibly proud of you. We’re excited by your potential and the unique talents and perspectives you will bring to our community. Congratulations.”

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