Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

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Guest Post from Father John
President and CEO
Catholic Charities

I had a great relationship with my dad. Simply put: he was, and still is, my hero.

What made him special was that he lived the Gospel of Love. When I was little, and this was way back in the 50s, spankings were still pretty common. A spanking was my punishment for being bad. After a few times through that, the mere threat of a spanking from Dad became more than enough “behavior modification” for me to get back in line.

By the time I was 13 or 14, if I did something wrong, I never got a spanking. Instead, my dad would just look at me and say, “John, I’m disappointed in you.” Those words would crush me. You can probably relate that I’d much rather have taken a spanking than disappoint my father or mother. As a result, my teen years were never concerned with being punished, but rather living up to the high standards set by my parents.

As we celebrate Father’s Day, I realize how special the gift of love is from our fathers and father figures, and what a positive force they can have in our lives.

I was taught early on that the love of a father is like the love of God. In both, we experience love and forgiveness. I guess that why I'm so confident in God's love - my own father was a shining example.

Every day I am blessed to see many similar examples of love and compassion shared between Catholic Charities, the neighbors we serve, and the generous people who support our work.
Just a few thoughts as I wish you all a very Happy Father’s Day. Be sure to share your love with someone who is a father figure in your life.

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