Thursday, April 12, 2012

Make way for the Cherry Blossom Princesses!

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This morning, our Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Institute for youth with developmental disabilities played host to some very special guests - the Cherry Blossom Princesses! Each year, the royals spends some time chatting, sharing breakfast and playing games with students at our Kennedy School and the little ones from the Early Head Start Program. Their visit was so popular that many Kennedy students headed outside to wave goodbye as the princesses processed back to their buses. Special thanks to all the princesses for coming by! Scroll down to check out some photos from the big event!

This little girl from our Early Head Start Program has some sash envy!

Chatting it up with one of the Cherry Blossom Princesses.

Colorado's Cherry Blossom Princess smiles with some toddlers from Early Head Start.

A student from our Kennedy School poses with one of the Princesses.

The Princesses had a good time drawing and coloring with the younger students!

Think we see a future Cherry Blossom Princess in the making here!

After breakfast, the Cherry Blossom Princess from Japan (far left) and the Cherry Blossom Queen (far right) presented some books about the famous flowering trees to our students.

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