Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seeking Jesus among the living

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Fr. John makes some new friends at our Sanctuaries for Life program
Guest Post from Father John
President & CEO of Catholic Charities

I admit it: my sisters were much better than I at dyeing Easter eggs!

But of course, nobody cared. Sitting together in our warm, busy kitchen, dyeing the eggs and laughing and singing, was a family event – something we did together as part of preparing for the return of Jesus.
As I look back now, on those special, blessed years, I realize that in many ways, we are doing the same thing here at Catholic Charities. We are preparing for the Resurrection by serving people who need us.

We meet them as they are…coming to us from different places, with different needs, different hopes and dreams. Each person who turns to us is unique and special in his or her own way. Each one, just like you and me, is created in God’s image.

That’s why, when we seek Jesus today, we seek him among the living. The story of the Resurrection tells us that life wins out over death. That love wins over hate. The Resurrection is where we find our reasons, and our opportunities, to care for the poor, to feed the hungry, and to comfort those who are suffering.

That sense of giving is what makes the Lenten season such a rewarding time. The weeks we spend in preparation for Easter are a time of collective sharing, but they are also part of our own, deeply personal journey toward Jesus.

Throughout this Lenten and Easter season, I have spent some time in our shelters and programs as a way of walking in solidarity with those in need. I ask that today, you join me in that walk by supporting our work. Your generosity keeps alive the promise of the Resurrection by giving new life and hope to people who might have neither without your help.

In a world that too often seems selfish and shallow, every suffering person offers us the opportunity – and the challenge – to spread Jesus’ love, compassion and mercy.

God bless you for caring!

Take action!

Fr. John visited several of our programs this Lenten season, including Adam’s Place, an emergency shelter for men who are homeless, and Sanctuaries for Life, a program helping women who are facing an unintended pregnancy make a life-affirming decision. Take a moment to learn more about their services!