Thursday, March 22, 2012

Anchor Mental Health receives a top-tier ranking for its services

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Staff in front of Anchor Mental Health, located in northeast DC
The Department of Mental Health (DMH) recently distinguished our Anchor Mental Health Services with a four-star rating on its annual Provider Scorecard.  This rating, announced recently on DMH’s website, places Anchor in the highest tier for DC mental health service providers.

“We’re committed to providing quality services to our consumers and we’re very proud of the four-star rating. For us, it’s a recognition of the thorough and dedicated work of our staff,” said Karen Ostlie, Core Service Agency Director at Anchor. Many of the consumers served at Anchor are among the most vulnerable, and face multiple struggles as they seek help treating a mental illness: homelessness, no insurance, no income or work, and often dealing with substance abuse or chronic health problems.

Last year Anchor served 939 individuals with mental illness.
For more than 50 years, Anchor has worked in the community to help consumers achieve stability. They begin treatment by helping consumers define a clear set of goals; for example, managing their medication, finding a place to live, or getting a job. Then, staff assist consumers in developing a plan to achieve those goals and review the resources available to them. Many of these resources are available right at Anchor: group therapy sessions, employment training (sometimes through Catholic Charities Enterprises), on-site psychiatrists, and supportive housing.

To ensure that their services remain of the highest quality, staff at Anchor conducts customer satisfaction surveys and monthly quality improvement meetings to gauge the areas in which they can better their services to the women and men who need their help.

“Sometimes people think that someone with a mental illness has nothing to offer. There’s definitely a stigma that can have real world consequences,” Karen said. “But our consumers display incredible strength from dealing with their mental illness on a day-to-day basis. It’s not an easy thing to deal with.  But they have a lot of people here at Anchor caring about them – and a big part of that care is letting people know that their situation can get better.”

Anchor Mental Health is not far from being among the first providers to earn five stars on the DMH Provider Scorecard. They are currently reviewing the details of the DMH’s rating to see what areas of service they can improve, with the goal of providing the highest- quality service to their consumers.

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In addition to their mental health services, Anchor Mental Health provides services to the community through its ACT Team, which reaches out to people with severe cases of mental illness, and ChAMPS, a mobile emergency service for families and children experiencing a behavioral or mental health crisis.

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Last year, Anchor Mental Health worked with 939 individuals with mental illness. You can support Anchor’s important work to our community here.

Medical professionals who can volunteer their time are always welcomed! You can contact Anchor at (202) 635-5900.