Thursday, September 29, 2011

Can you get by on $4 for food per day?

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Seriously, can you feed yourself each day using only $4? Seems impossible, right? Especially if you want to eat healthy.

However, the average food stamp recipient receives about $30 a week for groceries—just over $4 a day. One of our employees at the SHARE Food Network, Chris Byrd, took a week to step into the shoes of someone who relies on food stamps and see if he could feed himself on this budget for a week.

It was part of the Food Stamp Challenge, hosted by Maryland Hunger Solutions to shed some light on the hunger many in our region face. The challenge invites participants to sustain themselves on only $30 worth of food for seven days.

See Chris’ reflections under the Sept. 27 updates (he’s the second one).

Food Stamp Challenge Diary

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