Friday, May 6, 2011

Congratulations Jim Bishop!

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I wanted to share a quick note of congratulations on this beautiful Friday afternoon for our own Jim Bishop.

We wrote recently about Jim, who runs our Archdiocesan Legal Network here at Catholic Charities. In a nutshell, Jim is a central guy in connecting more than 500 pro bono attorneys with many families in our area who are in need of, but have no way of accessing or affording, high quality legal advice and representation.

Turns out on Saturday evening, Jim is being honored by the prestigious John Carroll Society, a very well-known and active body of Catholic lay men and women in the professional and business community.

If you have met Jim, you know instantly how compassionate, intelligent and especially humble he is. We at the Open Door blog and Catholic Charities could not be more proud. Way to go Jim and thank you to the John Carroll Society for recognizing his great work for more than 18 years!

Read our press release here. Give a shout out of support to Jim our Facebook.